A drawing challenge

Hello Friends,

If you have been following my instagram lately you may have noticed I’ve been drawing and posting a lot of images of hands. There is a rhyme and reason for this, I promise.

I was shared a video from a youtuber, who is an illustrator/animator, and although I thought their title was probably going to be clickbait I actually found the story thought inspiring. Basically the video discusses how to find your unique style and voice as an artist. In the story the youtuber said he was told to pick one thing and draw if everyday for a year. At the end of the year his goal was to have accomplished a body of work and found the type of artwork that they want to continue producing.

(the link to the video is here, I can’t do the story justice, so watch it if you are interested)

Being an on-and-off art student for the past decade, personal style has never really been my focus although I have always been envious of people who I felt epitomised a ‘style’. Honestly -hands up – I just enjoy learning. Learning as many techniques and styles and mediums as I can. Whether that was pen and ink, ceramics, oil painting, 3d modelling, knitting, I just like learning how to do different things.

The pit-fall of this is that you feel like you ever really know how to do anything. A constant beginner. My Masters course was the pinnacle of this, we were just learning industry standard things but as someone who had never even heard of 3d modelling and barely used photoshop, it was much like trying to run before you could walk and I probably didn’t adapt as well as others.

When potential employers mention ‘my style’ in feedback as reasons for or against choosing me. Its always left me a little confused because I really do not feel that I have a sense of what that is. I have adapted and changed the way I work depending on project, brief and marking criteria.

So this challenge is my mini-version of struthless’ year long endeavour. I picked the topic of hands, which lead onto sign language, and I am just going to go for as long as I can. I may only post the alphabet on my ‘gram as I don’t really want to be known as the ‘hand-gram’. I hope reducing the choice of topic, and making drawing a real constant habit, I too can also find the medium and style that I enjoy the most.

I have big hopes for this so thank you all for your kind messages of encouragement.

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