January is over! Huzzah

Hello Friends,

True to my word of keeping a blog here is my February post and update!

I don’t know if any of you are the same, but if someone asks me ‘what have you been doing?’ my mind goes blank as new notebook. At that moment, I can’t even remember what I was doing 10 secs earlier. When I look back at the past year, I can map out the projects I completed and the time spent on creative work but then feel frustrated with myself for ‘not having anything to show for it’. Some of the work I produced I can’t show because they were for interviews, or some of it was practice it was genuine experimentation and just me learning the ropes. I want to make an effort this year to really track what I am doing month to month; I hope that this documentation help quantify and mark my progress!

January I obviously spent some time building and releasing this website. I was also practicing my 3D skills. I successfully created my own render using skills I had been honing through multiple tutorials over that past 2-3 months.

This is the image that I have created. This is exactly the kind of work I would normally keep hidden but I am actually very proud of.

Although it is obvious which tutorial influenced this model, I used the skills and practiced the workflow independently. I learnt how to bake my own normal map so the working model is low poly, but the render has all the texture and engravings. I wish I understood this better when working on anatomical subjects! I could have saved hours of time which was otherwise used waiting for the Uni Computers to unfreeze as the models were too large to render.

The shape, although simple, required a little practice to work out. Modifiers and tools like Spin and Extrude, help to build the shape symmetrically. It was fun problem solving these solutions and to get that ‘click’ in your head when its going well.

Whats Next?

I have started an new illustration project and have been squirreling away, painstakingly moving the path tool on illustrator making sure ever line is perfect.

Overall the project will consist of 10 images, including figure drawing (fun!), so I am hoping to have it done by the middle of February. I can’t wait to show you!

A little sneak peak

Keep your chins up, winter is nearly over.
Laura x

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