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University of Dundee Dental School

Progression and treatment of Deep Carious Legions

This project was developed in collaboration with the staff at the University of Dundee Dental School. The topic covers the progression and treatment of deep carious lesions and was aimed at first year undergraduate students. The document explores two types of treatment: Stepwise Removal and Selective Removal to Soft Dentin, both of which were relevant to current academic literature on Cariology.

The images were created with a mixture of 3D and 2D techniques to create a modern and clean feel. The main morphology of the tooth was rendered in ZBrush and additional details were painted in Photoshop. The Dental lecturers provided the anatomical and clinical knowledge about the procedures to ensure the work was accurate. They expressed the importance of the depiction of the process of dental decay as often stock imagery over-simplifies the process. It was valuable, from an artist’s point-of-view, to also understand the biological processes. References from tooth cross-sections, MRI scans and photographs all informed the details.

The copy for the document was written by myself based on academic literature and was approved by the dentists before students viewed the work.

Ninewells Clinical Skills

Venepunture and Cannulation 3D model and Leaflet

It requires good visual-spatial skills to understand the relationship better superficial and deep anatomical structures. This can be a challenge for some people, especially when using traditional illustration that may require two or three separate images to illustrate the structures. From visiting the Ninewells Hospital clinical skills facility to learn how medical students are taught, I observed that they are often given handouts with notes about the skills they are learning. This could be enhanced by interactive technologies by the incorporations of links to interactive models, animations or webpages.

I created a 3D model of the key anatomical structures relevant to the procedure. As many different healthcare professionals learn this skill the information needed to remain at a general knowledge level. Guidance from an anatomist and an anaesthetist was sought to check the anatomy and provide clinical knowledge of the procedure. The leaflet was inspired by the University of Dundee branding. The design was kept to minimal colours and simple vector illustrations to be cost-effective if printed. The copy was taken from material already
published by the University.

Click image to view interactive PDF document


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and Bone Health

This interactive poster explains the prolonged effects of hypothalamic amenorrhea caused by Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-s). Interactivity within educational resources has been shown to increase engagement with the subject matter, so this project was an experiment to learn how to create an interactive PDF that can be viewed online. The interactive elements were created using ‘smart objects.’

The images were drawn digitally on Procreate and later composed in Photoshop. Observation of skeletal models and photographs helped influence the depiction of skeletal bodies when in movement. Bold colours were chosen to experiment away from naturalistic renderings common to medical information, creating a more illustrative style to engage a younger audience. The colours were also influenced by Bone Density (DEXA) imaging. Alongside the main images, five smaller illustrations were created to be viewed when the interactive elements were clicked. These incorporated the same theme colours to create continuity between the elements. This also allowed experimentation with simple GIF elements to help explain the processes on bone metabolism further.


Ankle mobility Poster

Created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

This poster shows the musculoskeletal features of the ankle to help explain potential reasons for ankle mobility restrictions. Aimed towards sports-science professionals and fitness enthusiasts, the focus is on increasing the range of mobility for strength based sports.

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